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Member Organizations

  • ASUCD Environmental Policy and Planning Commission
  • EPPC Logo
    The Environmental Policy and Planning Commission (EPPC) is an advisory board to the ASUCD Senate that is responsible for researching environmental issues affecting the campus and its surrounding area, as well as providing recommendations for improvement. EPPC is committed to creating new and enforcing past environmental legislation. EPPC aims to provide environmental education and outreach in order to better inform students and the campus community about the environment and relevant issues.

    Website:  |  Contact Info:
    Instagram: @asucd.eppc  |  Facebook: @eppc.asucd  |  LinkedIn 
  • ASUCD Campus Center for the Environment
  • CCE Logo
    Website:  |  Contact Info: 
    Instagram: @ucdcce  |  Facebook: @ucdcce

  • ASUCD Student Sustainability Career Fair
  • SSCF logo
    The mission of the Student Sustainability Career Fair Committee is to address the current lack of information regarding opportunities for students who wish to work towards a sustainable future. Through career fairs and social media platforms, we strive to provide equitable access to environmentally-focused firms, nonprofits, and governmental organizations for students interested in environmental science, policy, and justice.

    Contact Info:  
    Instagram: @asucd.sscf
  • Association of Environmental Professionals UCD
  • AEP Logo
    Association of Environmental Professionals (AEP) at UC Davis promotes direct student engagement with working professionals in environmental fields, as they prepare to transition from an academic to professional setting.

    Website:  |  Contact Info:
    Instagram: @aepatucdavis  |  Facebook: @aepatucdavis
  • Climate Reality Project
  • Climate Reality Project logo
    The Climate Reality Project aims to engage UC Davis students into the climate movement, build community in the face of the climate crisis, and create energy for solutions at the UC level.

    Website:  |  Contact Info:
    Instagram: @climaterealityatucd  |  Facebook: @climaterealityatucd
  • Environmental Law Society
  • Environmental Law Society logo
    King Hall’s Environmental Law Society aims to equip interested law students with the information and tools they will need to confront environmental challenges as lawyers, policymakers, and advocates. Intelligent environmental management is growing more important as climate change, population growth, and economic development stress our planet’s natural environment. Careers in environmental law demand familiarity with a broad array of environmental issues, from groundwater management to carbon emissions

    Website:  |  Contact Info: 
    Instagram: @elskinghall  |  Facebook: @ucdavislawels 
  • Hard Tech Campus
  • Hard Tech Campus logo

    Hard Tech Campus is an organization focused on the development of sustainability projects into products, with a focus on projects that utilize technological advancements in either hardware or software to achieve one of the following target areas, with respect to UN Sustainability Goals 2 and 9 (Industrial change), 2, 3, and 6 (Health, hunger, clean water, sanitation), 7 and 11 (Products for consumers), and 14 and 15 (Environmental clean-up).  |  Contact Info:
    Facebook: @hardtechcampus

  • Net Impact Davis
  • Net Impact Logo
    Our mission as a Net Impact chapter at UC Davis is to foster an interdisciplinary approach to sustainability in our community through developing solutions for local issues.  |  Contact Info:
    Instagram: @netimpactdavis  |  Facebook: @netimpactdavis

  • Strategies for Ecology, Education, Diversity, and Sustainability
  • SEEDS Logo
    SEEDS is a program of the Ecological Society of America (ESA). This club promotes ecological science in a number of ways, and encourages underrepresented students to explore the field of ecology. SEEDS also aids students in the transition from college to career by broadening perspectives with research internships, grad student and career panels, and guest speakers.

    Website:  |  Contact Info:
    Instagram: @davisseeds  |  Facebook: Davis SEEDS
  • Sustainable Environmental Design Club
  • SED logo
    The Sustainable Environmental Design Club is an on-campus student organization with an intention to support those interested in sustainability and design. While a club major, we welcome all students in learning about sustainability, building professional skills & resumes, growing community, providing guidance, promoting career-based events, among other explorations.

    Contact Info:
    Instagram: @ucdsedclub   
  • Zero Waste and Sustainability Club
  • Zero Waste & Sustainability Club logo
    The Zero Waste & Sustainability Club was founded in 2018 with the goal of helping UC Davis achieve its annual zero waste goal to divert 90% of waste from the landfill. Our team aims to make zero waste and sustainability knowledge accessible to our UC Davis community by providing resources and guidance to navigate personal zero waste and sustainability journeys, and by educating the public about the waste system.  | Contact Info:
    Instagram: @zerowasteclubucd  |  Facebook: @ucdzerowasteclub  |  LinkedIn


Ex-Officio Organizations

  • Carbon Neutrality Initiative
  • CNI logo
    The University of California, a national leader in sustainability, has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2025, becoming the first major university to accomplish this achievement.

    Website: Coming soon!  |  Contact Info:
    Instagram: @ucdavis.sustainability
  • The Green Initiative Fund
  • TGIF Logo
    The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) promotes sustainable development by providing necessary funding to the UC Davis community through grants. TGIF involves and educates students of all backgrounds by empowering them to develop, propose, and enact sustainable projects on campus.

    Website:  |  Contact Info:
    Instagram: @tgifatucdavis  |  Facebook: @tgif.ucdavis  |  Twitter
  • Student Housing and Dining Services
  • SHDS logo
    Student Housing and Dining Services (SHDS) is a campus department with dedicated sustainability career and student staff working to achieve UC Davis sustainable goals within the department and to engage and educate SHDS residents on sustainable topics.  |  Contact Info:
    Instagram: @ucdavishousing  |  Facebook: @ucdavishousing


Supporting Bodies

  •  UC Davis Office of Sustainability
  • OS Logo

    The Office of Sustainability develops, leads, and coordinates sustainability efforts throughout the UC Davis campus. Staff members create strategies and plans to improve campus operations, work to implement the UC Office of the President's sustainability policy, establish sustainability metrics for UC Davis, work with faculty and students on project-based learning and learning-by-leading opportunities, build institutional capacity for sustainability on- and off-campus, and inspire the community to work toward a sustainable future.

    Website: Coming soon!  |  Contact Info: 
    Instagram: @ucdavis.sustainability

    Sustainability Staff Office Hours
  • The Associated Students, University of California Davis (ASUCD)
  • ASUCD logo
    ASUCD provides services, resources and professional opportunities to undergraduate students at UC Davis, and is made up of units, commissions, and committees. ASUCD units provide each and every student with the programs and services they need to thrive and succeed at UC Davis. Seven commissions advise the ASUCD Senate to ensure that all student interests are represented within ASUCD. In addition to advising the Senate, commissions also plan events and activities relevant to their field of expertise to educate the student body. Committees delegate responsibilities of the ASUCD Senate into smaller portfolios in order to efficiently handle administrative roles and tasks. Each committee performs administrative functions and has a scope pertaining to its field of expertise.

    Website:  |  Contact Info
    Instagram: @ASUCDofficial  |  Facebook: @ASUCDofficial  | Twitter: @ASUCDofficial  |  LinkedIn